On the port side of our boat's saloon there's a picture of an iced ketch surrounded with penguins. The previous owner (he was the second owner) of the boat told us the story about the four French yachtsmen that iced themselves during the winter in Antarctica and became national heroes in France.

The first thing we did after getting hold of the boat and changing her name was to remove the diesel oil heater and replace it with a refrigerator.

Whenever we were asked about the origin of the boat, the shipyard, etc. we told the story about Antarctica and how each of the four French sailors got an aluminum replica of the yacht "KIM" (that now we finally know her name) and we always wondered how much truth there is in this story. We were also curious about how these four French guys got the aluminum boats. Did they pay for the boats? Were they involved in the design/building of the boats?

A couple of days ago we incidentally surfed into your website. We were happy to discover that our globe is smaller than ever. We are also happy to assist you with the family tree of the "KIM".

The original vessel name: "MOWGLI" (any connection to Kipling? The Jungle Book?)
The original owner name: Danielle Gazanion. He sailed with the boat across the Atlantic and through the Panama Canal to the west coast of the US where he sold the boat in 1992 to: Peter Swaisland. He sailed with his wife and their two little children across the Pacific and through the Suez Canal came to Israel in 1996 where we took over promising to sail her sometime to France to complete the "Around the world in 20 years".

We changed her name to "Black Dolores" after a character from one of Damon Runyon's stories.

We attached two pictures one is the port side of the saloon with the picture of the "KIM"
The other is the "Black Dolores"

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