In the past years we’ve made a few commercials for one of Alma’s most successful platforms – the Soprano Titanium. So successful that you can find knockoffs of the Soprano all over Alibaba & Co. When we were asked by Alma to create a video that’ll help them fight the fake Soprano market, we thought there’s no better way than creating a fake commercial 😉

So, what’s the point?
Exactly! What exactly is the point?

A Mamash Productions Group production:
Executive Producers: Gal De-lange & Eyal Friedmann
DOP: Oran Avivi

Line Producer: Morani Sama
Production Specialist: Maya Cohen
AC: Goni Karni
Gaffer: Bar Frum
Sound: Robert Shiloni
PA’s: Omer Shahar, Zohar Yerushalmi
Hair & Makeup: Gitla Brushel
Styling: Shira Levi
Set Designer: Ion Korea

Editor: Yoni Zigler
Motion Design: Yotam Rozin
Color Grading: Yoni Passy
Sound Design: Yael Heim
Voice over: Iftach Ophir

Casting: Inbar David
Actors: Anayah Jade, David Reiner, David Warren, Eli Ben Ze’ev, Bobby Lax, Amishai Miller, Valentina – HH models

Director: Yoni Zigler

Special thanks to the amazing Vika raz, Tal Burgan Rosen, Atalia Itzco, Idan Shababo & the entire Alma Lasers International team!